July 28th, 2020

"I Need Calm!"

The other day a woman who had been a student of mine many years ago phoned me to ask about my coaching. Why? "Because (she said) you are the calmest person I've ever met, and I need calm! I'm so overwhelmed". And she cried.

This is not an unusual thing. It's not unusual that someone would call me in distress, or that they would be looking for a calm and caring presence to be with them through some very tough times. No one has ever asked me about my credentials. Maybe some see them on my website, but I know many don't. Most just want help feeling calmer in the midst of craziness. I get that!

It seems pretty clear to me that we are all feeling a little, or a lot more challenged to keep up right now ... maybe even more than we were just a year ago. Maybe even just a few months ago. If that's you, you are definitely not alone.

Who in your life helps you to feel calm in the midst of the craziness around us? If you have such a person, hang onto them. Maybe you're that person for some other(s). Maybe you have a pet or two that feel like natural calm. Lately I've brought more nature into my home space (rocks, pinecones, a piece of bark I found on the ground). It's all good.

I think part of the reason most of us respect Dr. Bonnie Henry so much is for her calm presence in the midst of intense pressure. And of course, her words of wisdom that we've learned to hang on to: "Be kind, be calm, be safe". Thanks Dr. Henry.

And thanks to each of you!
... Lee

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