July 14th, 2020

Signs you are Healing!

I found this image online yesterday and immediately knew it needed to be shared with my coaching clients, and here on my website.  It's a beautiful bullet list of what peace and healing look like.  It says it all - almost.    There is only one bullet I might add.  That is "More comfort with feelings, less stuffing".  

In case the bullets in this image are a little too small for you to read easily, here they are in summary:  "Signs you are Healing:  More observing, less judging.  More responding, less reacting.  More self love, less self sabotage.  More boundaries, less resentments.  More inner peace, less outer chaos.  More clarity, less confusion.  More being, less doing.  More faith, less fear."

Altogether, each statement says so much.  Each represents a turnaround of a lifetime of conditioning, of habitual ways of being in the world that lead to chronic stress and needless suffering.  Each turnaround brings with it a sense of deepening peace, joy, clarity and freedom.  

So I sent the image to each client that has been working with me for a while, and their responses brought me pure joy.  Without exception, each recognized themselves in the bullets.  Each was able to see themselves and their own journey in such clear print.  Each was overwhelmed with gratefulness.  What a gift, and what recognition of their commitment to themselves and to their own genuine happiness.  

Of course each client I've been privileged to work with is unique, just as we are all unique.  And yet, no matter what is holding any of us back from living more of the life we want to live, we share a natural desire for freedom from chronic stress and needless suffering.  We share a natural desire for true peace and joy.  

If that sounds like you right now, ask yourself "Is it my time?", and tune into your heart for the answer.  You are not alone.  It's been the greatest joy of my life to help myself and others grow and shift in these ways.  Trust yourself.  If it's your time, you will feel it in your heart.  Of course you might feel a little scared too, because any change (even good change) feels scary at first.  That's why we work together to support you fully.

Here's to the signs that reflect healing.  And to knowing that, as we heal, so heals the world.  
Cheers, love and gratefulness to you ...

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