March 26th, 2020
March 26th, 2020

Be a Mind Whisperer!

If your current level of anxiety, worry or freak out is higher than usual (which is pretty much a given for most of us at this time), then I recommend becoming a Mind Whisperer.  And if you already are one, you may want to kick your game up a notch, if you haven't already.

What is a Mind Whisperer?  Let me explain via a little story. Recently, a coaching client of mine told me she was pretty sure she wanted to explore mindfulness as a way to add more peace into her life.  She wondered if I could explain simply what mindfulness is.  So I told her that, to me, it's like being a Horse Whisperer, but instead of working with a horse, you work with your mind.  Then I asked her if she knew what a Horse Whisperer was.  She hesitated for a bit, then said "someone who gently, kind of patiently, tames a wild horse?".  Exactly!  She nailed it.  So, I said, a Mind Whisperer is someone who practices gently, patiently, taming a wild mind (instead of a wild horse :)).    

As a Mind Whisperer, you will gradually train your mind to be more focused and present instead of wild, scattered or distracted.  It's a practice of changing the banter inside our heads from chaotic to calm.  As Byron Katie says "If you want stress, get a future" - meaning every time we think about a "what if", our thinking is almost always on some possible future problem, instead of right here, right now.  And right here, right now, is where the peace is.

How and where do Mind Whisperers practice?  In short, Mind Whispering can be done anywhere, anytime.  Some people sit on the couch and practice focusing their attention on their breath, some practice Mind Whispering while doing dishes, or yoga, or walking.  It's really just practice focusing your attention on anything in your present experience (like your breath, or on the feeling of your feet touching the ground during a walk, the trees, the fresh air) and when you notice that your mind has wondered, you gently bring it back.  You practice doing this over and over, and over.  And the more you practice, the quicker you are to notice when you're anxious or tense, and the quicker you find yourself able to shift into Mind Whisperer mode.

I have found it gives me peace no matter what is going on, even if itīs only for a few moments at times.  It's such a noticeable shift, and an instant relief.  Always accessible, anytime, anywhere.

So practice being a Mind Whisperer.  And if you donīt love that name, you might prefer to call yourself a Presence Ninja - I like that one too.   Bottom line: the time is now to stand up for your peace and wellbeing, like never before.   And please know that I'm right here with you, doing the same.

PS:  Sending love, peace and hugs to all.   #inthistogether

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