May 3rd, 2017

What if This Were All Right?

One simple tool I use to let go of life´s stressors and feel immediate relief is to ask myself the profound question “What if this were all right?” What if this thing upsetting me were all right, just as it is?

You can ask yourself this question for any of life´s situations that are causing you struggle or upset. Getting a new dent in the car, forgetting something at the market, standing in a long line waiting, etc, etc. These are the times we really need to take a moment to step back and ask What if this were all right?, then take a deep breath. This simple, yet powerful question can help pull us out of feelings of irritation and frustration and literally lift us into our higher self, where we can shift to a state of freedom and relaxation pretty quickly.

If you´re new to the practice of reframing your thinking, you might want to use this tool mainly for small to medium size upsets at first. However, the more you use this it for smaller upsets, the more likely it is that you´ll be able to use it just as effectively for life´s bigger concerns. One of my clients tells me she has pasted stickers everywhere she can see them that say, “What if this were all right!” She says it´s made a huge difference in her ability to let go and enjoy life.

Here´s to you and living well!

PS: Thanks to Susan Jeffers for sharing this question in one her books! I remember loving it right away - so much so that I immediately put a sticky note on my car dashboard that says “What if this were alright?” For me, it has (thankfully) made getting from point A to point B in the car, a much more relaxing experience.

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