January 24th, 2014

WELLNESS: Who It`s For and What It Is

What we see on the outside is Like the Tip of an Iceberg

Wellness is for all of us.  It`s not just for the young, physically healthy, strong or brave.   Many young people today appear very healthy on the outside, yet are dealing with a lot of worry and anxiety on the inside.  Likewise, a person might be older, have a physical disability or be in pain and still be quite well overall because they have good friends, hobbies they enjoy, and are quite content with their life.  

According to Dr. John Travis, a key pioneer in the creation of the Wellness Movement in the early 1970s, what we see on the outside is like the tip of an iceberg (a small part of each otherīs complete health picture).   It`s absolutely possible to discover a higher level of health and wellbeing whether you`re in the midst of a serious illness or feeling quite healthy overall and mostly interested in reaching more of your potential for optimal wellbeing.  

Wellness describes the dynamic process of achieving your potential for a healthy body, mind and spirit.  We all have some degree of wellness, all the time, and it`s constantly shifting.  We don`t just get well or stay well.  There are many degrees of wellness, just as there are many degrees of illness.  

Moving in the direction of wellness is about making choices that maximize your unique potential for feeling good and being able to do more of what you want to in life  Whether that is to feel more balance within your work and home life, reduce excessive stress or overwhelm, enjoy your retirement more, eat better, learn to communicate more effectively, feel more contentment or genuine happiness, take a trip overseas, plant and tend to your garden, or get fit.  Whatever the goal, we all create more wellness one step at a time.

And when it comes to building wellness, the evidence is pretty clear - small steps do the trick.  We tend to be more successful if we don`t chew off too much at one time.  One of the ways I like to motivate myself is to remember that a little of something is better than a lot of nothing!

For example, going for a five minute walk around the block after dinner is better than not walking at all.  In fact, research on active living is proving that even short bits of physical activity can result in significant stress relief and other health benefits.  Every step toward any wellness goal counts, every choice matters.  Once you take a step in the direction of more wellness, the momentum builds and you`ll find the next step is easier and so on.  

The bottom line is that no matter what your current state of health is, you can become healthier and happier, one step at a time.  And that`s good health news if you ask me.

Here`s to you and living well!

PS:  Because I love to add a good PS at the end of almost anything I write, I`ll add the following key point.  If you want to increase the level of success and ease you experience in reaching your wellness goals, ask for help.  The truth is, if you`re alive, you need help.  We all need it.  Connecting with others in order to give or receive help is a big part of what wellness is all about.  Go for it.  Believe me, chances are you`ll be very glad you did.

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