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I´ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

I have no words to describe how thankful I am having Lee help me on my life journey.   Lee helped me through a time when life cut me off at the knees. Last year I lost my mom in a car accident. And since she was the only caregiver for my brother, who is dealing with a mental illness, I became the only caregiver he has.  Without Lee´s help and compassion, I would have had a tremendously harder time getting through it all.

One of my closest friends told me not long ago, “You know, we´ve all read a lot of self-help books and we know what we should be doing to feel more peace and happiness, yet we rarely do it.   But it looks like you are actually doing it!”    My friend´s comment made me realize that that I really am changing.  I have more understanding, and a lot less judgement for myself and others.   I truly believe that 95 percent of what my friend saw in me is the result of Lee´s coaching, and me being willing to learn and practice.

After many years raising a family, working, and taking care of others, I found myself drowning in a world of shoulds and people pleasing. I was losing myself and I felt drained all the time. Lee helped me to lose the pressure, invite joy into my life and start doing things that I wanted to do. I feel like I´m back now. I´ll be eternally grateful!

I feel sane for the first time in a long time! My friends at work and my family are telling me that I seem calm and peaceful these days, and they´re wondering what happened to me. I recommend coaching with Lee.

Lee helped me so much. I am calmer, doing bikram yoga, connected with my family again. My time with Lee has helped me achieve my best self!

Spending a little time with Lee has profoundly changed me forever. I process things with greater perspective and patience. I am in a time of enormous stress and crisis in my life, yet I am taking it in stride. I have faith that this too shall pass, and I am at my core still just fine.

Lee´s knowledge and tools made all the difference in helping me to re-set my negative thinking. My perspective is so much healthier now and I know what works to help me sustain it. I´m so grateful for this new lease on life!

My sessions with Lee showed me how to use tools to identify my feelings and to really understand them. I realize that I am much happier, feel stronger and more balanced, and have good boundaries. I can feel joy and move forward in my life now, just by remembering how to use the things I learned.

Lee has guided me in the process of questioning anything that causes me stress. Life is a process and Lee guides with powerful tools.

Ever since I first met Lee, she has encouraged me and always believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself. Whenever I´m in her space, I feel inspired and capable of doing anything I put my mind to. Lee is a beautiful person inside and out and I feel so grateful to have her by my side on this journey we call life.

Our short time together has yielded enormous positive results in my life. Thank you, Lee, for supporting me to manifest and live my dreams, and for the rich resources I use to sustain my own wellness and success.

I started coaching with over 10 years ago. At first we talked every week, and then we moved to one coaching session each month. What a huge difference having Lee in my life and on my side has made. I continue to enjoy my life more all the time and knowing she is there for me whenever I need extra help to stay on track helps enormously!

Lee has helped guide me on a journey to finding peace, happiness and contentment. She has led me down a most positive path of truth and self discovery... she offered powerful tools to use to create positive change in my life - for that I am ever grateful.

I am forever grateful for the remarkable coaching sessions I had with Lee. Each session brought profound change to my life. In my 4th year of retirement I felt emotionally, creatively, physically stuck.  I was totally blocked from enjoying life. I had no energy, no answers, no solutions, no hope. With Lee`s genuine guiding light, her awareness, energy, insight, empathy, she helped me unlock and discover within myself the pathways to LIVING a purposeful and happy LIFE. With gratefulness

Lee is like a breath of fresh air - the moment you are in her presence, you cannot help but feel good ... her energy is cleansing, relaxing, yet invigorating. She radiates!  Her passion for helping others heal is matched by her strong intuition - no matter how unclear or unsure I am, Lee pulls out exactly what I need to know, hear, read or do next at each stage of my healing journey... I leave each session feeling challenged, encouraged and uplifted. How could I possibly thank her for her gift of presence?

Working with Lee has been a breath of fresh air. Lee's positive energy and eternal gratitude is contagious, so that every time I have a coaching session with her, I feel positive for days afterward. She has an amazing gift of "tuning-in" to where you are at, 100% of the time. She brings value to every coaching session by providing true insight, combined with years of skill and training in counseling, healing and coaching that one can benefit from. I've seen other life coaches and from my perspective, she's one of the best!

I was desperate before Lee coached me and I don´t feel desperate anymore. I feel hope and I´m relaxing more.

What I appreciate most about Lee is her ability to hold the space for you. During our visits I feel her number one priority is how she can best support me in that moment, whether it be silence, a thought or just a good old laugh. Thanks for being such a lifeline Lee!

I had decided to take an early retirement because I no longer enjoyed my work, but I had a lot of anxiety about my decision. My first coaching session was an emotional roller coaster. At the start of the session I rated my satisfaction level with many areas of my life as “1” or “2” out of “10” and I realized that I was feeling out of control of more than just my work situation. By the middle of the session I was laughing and crying at the same time. And at the end of the session I was just laughing because I knew exactly what I had to do to get my life back on track, and it was all so easy it was laughable. The transition into retirement started out with difficulty but has turned into a pleasant journey with great company. Thanks Lee.

The company had changed. I was no longer happy and I really wanted to move on. Then I discovered I could retire. But what to do? Work was my life. I have no hobbies. My mind was spinning and I was lost! Then I found Lee. She has helped me understand my strengths and how I can use my skills in areas that will be fun and fulfilling for me and helpful to others. Through her gentle coaching, I have focus and a plan to reclaim my happiness. She's kept me on track and I am moving smoothly into this new phase of my life. Lee has been a Godsend.

Lee has taught me how to use wellness tools in my everyday life that I never thought would make such a difference. In five months my outlook on life and my everyday happiness has grown and flourished beyond what I could have ever expected. Lee has so much energy, knowledge and resources to offer.   I look forward to our visits all the time and when I leave the sessions I always leave with some new resources, or new knowledge, learning, and most of all, hope.

I have known and been inspired by Lee for many years but it is our coaching partnership that has truly been life transforming. Lee has the amazing ability to coach and inspire me to explore life and its endless possibilities while keeping me accountable every step of the way! After a few short months I can honestly say "I Rock" and so does Lee. The power of wellness has changed my life.

My passage over the last few months has been truly rewarding, challenging and enlightening. I really appreciate the way Lee 'keeps it real' and provides an emotional and intellectual safe haven to allow me to expose my true self so I could be who I am. I felt like, with each connection, I was given a greater sense of self and provided a clearer perception of inner strength, courage and wisdom. I have come so far. Thank you for everything Lee.

I struggle to find the words to describe how much richer my life is sharing time with Lee. Each time I walk away feeling on Cloud 9, filled with inspiration and eternal hope for what lies ahead, both in my personal and professional life. Lee gives so openly, and with genuine care. Our time together is a gift I give myself.

My experience with Lee encouraged me to look deep within heart to reveal my true sense of self. This process allowed me to establish a clearer vision of who I am and where I want to go. I was also challenged to question my thoughts... which in most cases were stressful, but not even true. I have now acquired the tools needed to take a deep breath and accept what is (well most of the time!).

My experience with Lee came at a very precious and needed time in my life. With her natural intuitiveness, unique style, and endless support, she was able to help me reveal that inner core part of myself so I could see my truth. This awareness, probably for the first time in my life, has given me the confidence to listen and trust my inner voice, to accept my unique self, and to respect my life. I am so grateful.

Speaking Testimonials

Testimonials - Wellness Speaker Lee Chamberland
If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
Mark Twain

Lee Chamberland is an energetic, inspirational speaker who will give you simple ideas that will change your life. Her sessions are interactive and action packed. Get ready to get inspired, laugh, and gain practical tools for stress management, work life balance and health!
BC Society of Laboratory Science, Congress

Lee brings unique energy and enthusiasm to her work that seems to rise from experience and knowing that goes beyond her words. She teaches by practice and informs by doing. It was so much fun to be in her session. Warm, embracing, and memorable. Cannot wait to work with her again!
Mary Hodder, Registrar at Douglas College

I just wanted to thank Lee for coming to the Comox Valley and being our Key Note for our 2016 School District´s Professional Development Day.  All I can say is everyone loved it!!!   Lee raised the bar for us, to not only continue to work on our own personal health and happiness, but to look out for each other.  Everyone was happy, even the men.  Lee, you have a gift and I thank you again for sharing it!
Linda Hilhorst (Comox Valley School District, 2016 PD Committee).

We invited Lee Chamberland to speak at our Annual Conference and we were very impressed!  When we reviewed the conference evaluations, we were amazed by the consistently top ratings she received from all participants.  She uplifts, inspires, gets everyone involved and leaves a lasting positive impact and impression.  Without hesitation, I can highly recommend Lee Chamberland.
Andrew Roets, Director of Child & Youth Services, BC Developmental Disability Association.

Over the past eight years, Lee has presented workshops on various topics at almost all of the Post-Secondary Support Staff Conferences. Her workshops are always relevant, her enthusiasm is contagious, and she in an inspiration to us all. Participants consistently give her workshops top marks. I highly recommend Lee to any organization that needs a shot of positive energy.
Wendy Waidson, PSSSC Programming Committee Coordinator, Centre for Academic and Faculty Development - Douglas College.

The Interior Health Region´s Recreation Therapy Practice Council invited Lee Chamberland to come to our Education event last May. Lee´s experience as a coach, therapist and speaker was inspiring and captivating. The Interior Health Group has given Lee a ten out of ten! Lee uses her phenomenal speaking ability and experience to be a role model for wellness and health. Her enthusiasm and genuine spirit is contagious. Our group has turned a corner and we are moving forward to be our personal best.
Karen Littleton, Interior Health RT Professional Practice Leader.

Lee was one of our valued presenters during the Langara College PD days. She has great energy, enthusiasm, excitement for her topic and her seminar "Thriving at Work and Home: The Power of Wellness and Fun" got glowing reviews. Participants described her workshop as "the best PD session, "fabulous - just what I needed to help me at work and home", "amazing", "fun", "enjoyable" and "inspiring". Lee's session is a great reminder to focus on the important things in life.
Gail Bremer, Langara Employee Development Center P.D. Day, Langara College, Vancouver

It was a special treat indeed to have Lee Chamberland share time with us at our annual PD Day this year. In the days after the workshop there was such a buzz in the office; the reoccurring word used to describe the workshop was "inspiring”.  Many, many thanks from the Child & Youth Department Lee. We cannot wait to see you again next year.
Jackie Lanz, Developmental Disabilities Association. Richmond, BC

Lee´s enthusiasm and upbeat attitude does more than motivate her workshops participants, she inspires them! Her techniques and tips are valuable gems that can be used on a daily basis. Kudos to Lee on her fabulous workshops!
Cathy Norton, District Office Clerk, Aboriginal Education, SD #36 (Surrey)

Getting inspired about one´s mental and physical health, and staying inspired, is easier than one might think. Lee Chamberland´s recent inspirational presentation provided useful tips and ideas that challenged and enhanced my approach to staying well. Lee´s session was well organized and easy to understand. Her ideas generated enthusiastic responses from the entire audience. Because of Lee´s presentation at Riverview Hospital, I continue to be inspired and I listen to her CD regularly.
Nathan Meltzer, Recreation Therapist and Mental Health Week Event Coordinator - Riverview Hospital

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a Wellness session, facilitated by Lee Chamberland. Lee was our first presenter for our departmental PD day.
Lee wasted no time and really got us all energized for the day. She obviously loves and believes in what she speaks about. Her story about herself and how she was able to overcome adversity to become the success she is today was really inspiring. She was able to easily demonstrate how taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is integral to achieving personal and professional goals.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Lee to others. Her experience, her stories, and her knowledge in the field of Wellness is adaptable to all people, in all walks of life, in all different types of organizations and companies. You can't go wrong - you will learn a lot about yourself and you will have fun doing it.

Brenda Walton, Acting Registrar
Douglas College.

Sample Participant Comments

  • Very dynamic. Never boring. Lovely!
  • Very useful tips. Received a lot of good tips on how I can help myself balance my busy life better, especially being a full-time working mom of two kids.  Excellent speaker and made the session very fun and audience engaged.  Absolutely wonderful!
  • Very informative and enlightening workshop; would recommend to everyone.
  • I enjoyed listening to Lee, especially because she had such positive energy.  I also appreciated her sharing her own personal hardships with us, and how she overcame them.  
  • I´ve gone to a lot of work-life-balance workshops and the facilitators are often boring. Lee was very interactive and made it all interesting.  Thank you so much.  
  • She keeps it real! One of the best. 3 hours went quickly and I got a lot out of this.  Felt happier and energized.
  • Lee is genuine. Practices what she preaches.
  • She is excellent. What a good communicator!
  • Excellent speaker, held my concentration for the entire duration. Lots of great suggestions and exercises.
  • The whole presentation was very uplifting. Great. Fun. And not cheesy.
  • Lee is funny, motivational, positive, engaging and inspirational.

Relaxing in the Midst of Chaos.

I would say that this is at the heart of what I do with each client I coach.  I call it getting better at relaxing, no matter what.  No matter what is happening in your life - experiencing the freedom, peace and energy that comes with getting better at relaxing in the midst of uncertainty or chaos. If you want to practice a little, one simple thing you could do would be to practice relaxing your body while you brush your teeth.  As you brush your teeth, notice if...

A legacy of kindness that lives on.

A dear friend of mine is in Hospice, and she sent out the loveliest of emails to her friends/family a couple of weeks ago. She told us her birthday was just around the corner and that she had a special request. She asked us to please not send her cards or gifts, but instead to do something kind for someone else and let her know what we did. Wow - what a brilliant idea. That email request went to about 30ish people and she told us that she's been blown away by the stories of kindness and payin...
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Lee is like a breath of fresh air - the moment you are in her presence, you cannot help but feel good.
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