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Lee Chamberland
Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost
Hello and welcome! My name is Lee Chamberland. Im a deeply passionate stress relief and happiness coach, speaker, author and grateful student of life. For over 25 years Ive had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people all over the world, helping them to transform and enrich their lives in ways that matter most to them.  

Today, most people are struggling to hold it all together. The world we live in is moving faster all the time.  For many of us there are constant demands on our time, energy and focus, at work and home, leaving us feeling anxious or drained much of the time.   For others, there may not be a lack of time, yet there can still be a persistent sense of worry or dissatisfaction with life.  Both of these are common scenarios that, if left unchecked, drain us of our energy, joy and ultimately our health.  

My greatest purpose and joy in life is to help people empower themselves with the inspiration, tools and wisdom needed to cope well with life`s challenges and live truly content and happy lives ... able to enjoy the people and things that matter most to them.  

And, I believe strongly that each one of us has the ability, no matter where we are in our life journey, to move forward in enormously meaningful and rewarding ways.  I believe it because I`ve seen it time and time again!  

She says things that stick with you and change your life forever.
A group of Lee`s college students

Credentials and Commitment to Excellence - Over 25 Years

  • Masters Degree (Health Promotion and Happiness Studies)
  • Co-Active Coach - Coaches Training Institute
  • Professional Certification
  • Creating Health Certificate - Chopra Center for Wellbeing
  • Over 25 Years Experience as a Health, Stress Management, & Happiness Expert in  Canada & the US
  • 25 Years Experience as a Faculty Member at Thompson Rivers University & Douglas College
  •    (Taught Courses in Stress Management & Health Promotion,  Mental Health, The Science of Happiness, Wellness Coaching)
  • Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator
  • Practitioner of The Work
  • Grateful Student of Life!

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision & Mission

To make a lasting positive difference in the health and happiness of those whose lives I touch.

To inspire and empower people to reach their unique potential for health and happiness.

Core Values

Compassion: Recognizing that we are all doing the best we can. When we have the right support and tools, we do better.
Health: The dynamic and vital process of achieving your unique potential for a healthy body, mind and spirit.
Balance: An imperfect journey of attending to lifes many dimensions (work, play, family, friends, exercise, food, purpose, etc.).
Service: Making a significantly positive difference in the lives of others.  It's what gets me out of bed each day.
Fun & Adventure: Living in wonder and joy - refreshing my spirit.
Perseverance: Being willing to put one foot in front of the other and keep it up mostly (with support).
Authenticity: Being real and walking my talk.

A Few of Lee's Favourite Quotes

Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.    - Maya Angelou

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?    - Mary Oliver

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.    -Albert Einstein

If you have a body, you are entitled to the full range of feelings.  It comes with the package.  - Anne Lamott

If you want stress, get a future.   - Byron Katie

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.    - Ambrose Redmoon

Be the change you wish to see in the world.    - Mahatma Gandhi

The Journey That Brought Me to You

understanding the pressures and stresses in most lives today
The past has no power over the present moment.
Eckhart Tolle
I get it.  I know what its like to feel overwhelmed, tired and anxious.  I understand the pressures and stresses in most lives today, and I can totally relate.   In fact, I`m a classic example of someone who teaches what they`ve most needed to learn!

In my first year of college, I experienced a major immune system breakdown after being in 24/7 high stress mode for a couple of months. At the time I was taking 8 college courses, working 20 hrs/wk to help pay the bills, and running for President of the student body - all at the same time! The constant anxiety I felt led to an immune system breakdown, and that meant that many foods and environmental conditions that had felt fine for me in the past now caused a lot of serious symptoms and problems. I could hardly cope. I had entered college with a super healthy body and within three months I was seriously ill.  

Thankfully, after a lot of searching I got some excellent help and began to turn things around.  I learned how to use breakthrough tools.  I now call them Power Tools because they absolutely cut through places where we're stuck and open up endless possibilities.  I discovered that being empowered with these tools makes all the difference in being able to cope well in todays busy world. They've made all the difference for me, and they've made a huge difference for my clients.  And due to ongoing research and discoveries in brain and health science, we now know more than ever about which tools are the most effective.

Of course, my challenges didnt end at college. Later, I would spend years juggling a demanding college teaching position, a growing business and, just as so many of us are doing,  being there for aging or stressed loved ones. I know that without being able to use the power tools, I would have gotten very sick again - and more importantly, I would have had very little zest for life.  

The bottom line: I absolutely know the challenge it can be to cope well in todays demanding and worry-filled world. Thats exactly why Im deeply passionate about helping people empower themselves with the inspiration and breakthrough tools needed to live lives with a lot less stress and much more genuine happiness.  We all want to live life feeling more alive and content.  We all want to engage more fully with the people and things that matter most to us.  And living with less stress and more real fulfillment is critical to that happening.  For me, it feels like a privilege to be able to help people in such a meaningful way.  And it's the thing that matters most to me - hands down.  

A Deep Passion for Connection and Nature

Connecting with others (friends, family and clients) and with nature is definitely what fuels me most.  I love to spend time with friends or family over good food and simple storytelling.  I love a good deep conversation, a good belly laugh and any kind of authentic sharing with others. Bring it on.

Each time I connect with nature and the great outdoors, Im deeply renewed. Trees teach me stillness, grass or sand under my bare feet fill me with joy, and water of any kind draws me to it - Ive lived by the ocean, lakes and rivers most of my life and Im forever refueled and filled with wonder by their beauty and power.

And I sure feel connected to my heart and my joy when Im involved in any of my favorite leisure pursuits.  Some of those include walking, hiking, reading, meditation, cooking, movies, travel, jazz, cheering for my favorite soccer teams, and island getaways to the quiet of a cottage and lots of sun.

Lee helped me so much.  I am calmer, doing bikram yoga, connected with my family again.  My time with Lee has helped me achieve my best self!

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